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What will be a summer without a vacation?

date 30 July, 2021

Most of the travel restrictions finally relaxed this summer. We are itching to go on again to our favorite summer destinations outside Bulgaria. We want to indulge, albeit for a while, in the feeling of carefreeness, to enjoy the fabulous sunsets and the shared moments with our beloved onese. After we had to cancel our trips last year, many of us will be able to make it up this year.

So, we have organized the trip, packed our bags, got ready, and now there is nft so funny, and at the same time the most useful part - to get the right insurance.

What are the two most useful insurances when planning a vacation abroad? And do we really need it?

As a whole, we kicks off the holiday vacations with high expectations for a pleasant emotions and exciting experiences. Thus, there are cases in which it may be accompanied by unforeseen events: cancellation of the trip due to health, work or family reasons, an unexpected accident or health problem during the holidays, lost luggage, and others. Unforeseen costs are imposed, which can often be significant. They create worries, inconveniences, and toa large degree - financial difficulties.

We recommend that, when planning and organizing the trip, to consider taking out travel cancellation insurance. In some cases, the financial losses may be commensurate with the full cost of the trip. Travel cancellation insurance will help you reimburse for paid and unused services at the time of the insured event resulting from the fact that you or your loved one suddenly becomes seriously ill.

The other insurance recommended by us is Travel insurance. This is one of the lowest costs associated with a trip, and at the same time - the most meaningful. Illness during a stay abroad could be quite expensive without proper travel insurance. What would you say about something relatively trivial about everyday life, such as treating a tooth abscess or a broken arm? At home, everything is somehow simple and clear. As we know, the cost of medical services abroad is quite expensive. On the other hand, the loss or theft of your favorite suitcase is also a very unpleasant incident. It obscures the rest. The need for legal assistance in the event of an accident is also not to be underestimated.

Against the background of all these possible events, it is worth paying BGN 7-8 for insurance for a one-week vacation abroad against a coverage of EUR 5,000 for medical expenses. If you are willing to spend a few more euro, you will also receive additional coverage, such as Theft, loss or delay of luggage, Legal aid, etc. The insurance comes with 24-hour assistance in Bulgarian, which will provide you with advice and guidance on what to do in a specific unforeseen situation, regardless of what time it is and where in the world you are.

All these events are quite possible, but if you have the right insurance, you will minimize the costs associated with unpleasant accidents and will ensure peace of mind and complete relaxation. And from our Team– have a perfect vacation and enjoy it!

Important tip: Please pay attention to the existing travel restrictions and quarantine rules when traveling abroad before embarking on your dream vacation.   

Bulgaria Insurance

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