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About the product


The machinery breakdown insurance is intended to provide the company or industry with an accident insurance for machines, covering damages that may happen suddenly and unexpectedly, causing losses of relative importance and making necessary the repair or replacement for the normal course of business

Your coverage/benefits

    • Storm, hail, freezing or thawing
    • Short circuit
    • Damages and losses occurred suddenly and unexpectedly due to defective material or casting
    • Damages and losses incurred due to incorrect design, errors in manufacture or assembly
    • Breaking as a result of centrifugal force or overbalancing
    • Self-heating, material fatigue, etc.


    • Comprehensive protection against injury, damage or loss by unforeseen and / or sudden nature
    • Coverage for damages on own property, adjacent to the insured property and others
    • Simplified conclusion procedure

    Machinery Breakdown Insurance is concluded in accordance with the Special Conditions of the Machinery Breakdown Section, an integral part of Property Insurance General Terms and Conditions. The Special conditions have been worked out to provide the necessary insurance cover against the risk of any failure in the plant and machinery in the production process. 

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