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TeleDoc© - Online medical consultations with doctors

We at Bulgaria Insurance want to offer our clients innovative insurance solutions and high quality services. Therefore, we have joined forces with one of the most successful international technology platforms for telemedicine - Healee, in our new health insurance service - TeleDoc©.

Thanks to it, you no longer need to go to a hospital, clinic or other city to get a doctor's consultation. You can do it right away - quickly, securely and conveniently through video or audio consultations and medical assistance via chat.

See how to use the TeleDoc© service:

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Keep in mind that:

  • Depending on the degree of urgency you have indicated, you will receive a response from the doctor within 16 to 48 hours. The doctor will reply with detailed information on your problem, a personalized treatment plan and guidance.
  • Ahead of the consultation, the doctor may ask you for additional info, images, lab results.
  • oIf during the consultation the doctor decides that you need a medicine, he can prescribe it by issuing a valid prescription.
  • You can talk to doctors via non-real time chat or live video conference.

In the context of a pandemic, telemedicine and online counseling have proven to be some of the preferred ways for physicians to provide medical care to their patients.

The benefits of the introduction of the technology are many:

  • Access to anextensive list of doctors for the different types of your complaints (cardiologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, ENT, gastroenterologist, urologist, allergist, neurologist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, orthopedist, pediatrician, etc.).
  • Simplified and fast procedure in case of need for consultation with a specialist, depending on the health problem
  • Special online medical examinations for those of you, infected with COVID-19. This kind of consultation have an important advantage so that the relevant specialist, based on the described symptoms and medical condition, can prescribe the right treatment to fight off the infection.
  • Monitoring of chronic conditions

Bulgaria Insurance' health plans aim to provide insurance protection for your health and well-being, covering risks arising from illness or accident and enable the use of a wide range of medical services in Bulgaria. They can be individual or group. The insured in the group may be family members  or company's employees.

The Benefits of Bulgaria Insurance' health plans:

  • Providing you peace of mind and comfort for speedy access to diagnosis and eligible treatment for solving any health problem
  • A modern approach to health insurance for those of you who do not want to compromise with your health and a tool for upgrading medical care and services not covered by the NHIF, including online medical consultations with doctors and specialists
  • Access to the best specialists in leading medical facilities with modern medical equipment
  • Opportunity to insure your family members - spouse or partner, your children or parents

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