Bulgaria Insurance

Customer complaint handling information


1. Complaints shall be submitted in writing and shall be deposited at the Head office of Bulgaria Insurance AD, on paper by mail to Sofia 1618, 110 - B Bulgaria Blvd., or in electronic form via e-mail: office@bulgariainsurance.bg

2. The complainant should give a detailed description of what exactly the customer is dissatisfied with, and the customer may attach other additional documents to the complaint in his/her discretion.

3. When the complaint is received, an incoming file number and date will be assigned, and the response period shall begin on the next working day.

4. The filed complaints shall be entered in a separate register.


1. A Committee of Experts carries out the examination of complaints, and the members of the Committee are selected depending on the nature of the problem and the type of insurance.

2. The Committee of Experts shall endeavor to gather and examine all relevant evidence and information relating to the complaint.

3. The Committee of Experts shall take a decision and answer to complaint within 30 days from the date of the filing of the complaint.

4. The Committee of Experts shall provide its reasoned decision to the complainant in writing.

5. In case of disagreement with the expert opinion expressed by the Committee of Experts, the complainant may apply for consideration of the issue to the Financial Supervision Commission, at the address: Sofia 1000, 16 Budapeshta Str., E-mail: delovodstvo@fsc.bg or to the competent court.

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