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Claim form Property Insurance

If you decide to save your time and prefer to submit your claim electronically at a convenient time for you, please download the claim form:

Download files available only in Bulgarian Language

  • Print the document and fill it out
  • After signing the printed copy, scan it and send it to e-mail address: claims@bulgariainsurance.bg, together with all the required documents relevant to the claim form scanned and attached.

IMPORTANT! Please fill in all fields before sending the document!   

A simplified procedure for filing claims without presentation of original financial documents is launched for your safety and convenience as follows:

  • Claims of up to BGN 100 will be processed without presentation of original financial documents, therefore the Insurer reserves the right to request the original financial documents for review during the claim assessment process.
  • In order to take advantage of the simplified procedure, it is necessary to fill in, sign and send a DECLARATION to a Claim form for reimbursement of expenses of up to BGN 100 (one hundred) in addition to the Claim form and the other documents attached.

Download files available only in Bulgarian Language

List of documents required by the Insurer for consideration and resolution of a claim for payment of indemnity

  • Property Insurance Damage Notification
  • Documents for ownership of the damaged property
  • Certification documents from official state or municipal bodies, when this is required by the General Terms and Conditions of the concluded contract
  • Documents proving the extent of the damage

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