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About the product

With annual multi-trip travel insurance, you enjoy protection and international medical assistance for multiple trips abroad (Multi-Trip) during a year. The cover is suitable for all frequent travelers who travel for holiday or business reasons and provides a flexible protection and assistance in case of unexpected issues; either related to health problems incl.Coronavirus (COVID-19), legal protection or luggage problems while staying abroad.

Your coverage/benefits

  • Emergency Accident and Emergency Sickness Medical Expense, incl.Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Medically Necessary Repatriation, incl.Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Emergency Dental care

Optional benefits   

  • Multiple trips within one year
  • Death due to accident
  • Permanently decreased capacity for work as a result from an accident
  • Rescue expenses
  • Daily money for hospital stay
  • Theft of personal luggage
  • Loss of personal luggage
  • Delayed delivery of personal luggage
  • Civil liability to third parties
  • Legal aid              


    • Medical insurance primarily provides medical coverage while traveling outside your home country and includes Coronavirus (COVID-19) coverage
    • International Assistance 24/7 to help you handle all kinds of travel emergencies wherever you are in the world
    • Designed specifically for people who travel on a regular basis or frequently abroad
    • Combination of risks covered according to individual needs
    • High level of coverage for rescue costs
    • You take out multi-trip insurance to cover every trip you make during a 12-month period
    • The maximum period for one trip is optional - from 30 up to 180 days  

    Important notice!

    If you need medical assistance in the event of an accident or sudden illness, please contact Coris Bulgaria on the 24-hours assistance hot line +359 2 903 01 31, stating:

    • Name and PIN
    • Event occurred
    • Telephone number

    If it is impossible for you to call the Assistance centre, please ask your relative or your treating physician to do that.

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