Bulgaria Insurance

Corporate Social Responsibility

An essential element in the activity of Bulgaria Insurance  is the investment in sustainable development. We firmly believe that the development of long-term business sustainability is closely linked to the overall well-being and development of society.

Our mission is to be a full participant in the processes that the Bulgarian society is undergoing, and as a leading insurance institution to support projects in some of the major spheres of public life such as culture, education, environmental care.

Among our major projects are our Christmas Mission: A dream come true in partnership with the "Social Change and Inclusion Foundation", providing funding for the post-training fees for a part of young people grown without parental care involved in the Home Opportunity program, , participation in initiatives of the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers - BASZ and many others. We work with some of the largest non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria and we strive to be their long-term partner.

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