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About the product

Bulgaria Home is a modern and flexible property insurance product for your home that provides various combinations of covered risks related to your individual needs. Bulgaria Home offers the opportunity to insure  the building and / or movable property used for residential purposes with a full range of coverage, including the most valuable possessions at your home.

Your coverage/benefits

  • Damages caused to the property due to fire, lightning, explosion, implosion and etc.
  • Damages caused to the property due to natural disasters - floods, earthquakes, etc.
  • Personal accident
  • Damages to movable property during transport upon change of address
  • Product crashes in the event of a power failure of the refrigeration equipment
  • Broken glass, ceramic countertops, sanitary ware, aquariums+


    • Easily calculating the insurance premium based on the size of the dwelling
    • Without preliminary inventory list and evaluation of the property
    • You get fast, high quality and personalized service



    • Fire
    • Natural disasters
    • Liability of the insured in case of fire, explosion, leakage of water pipes
    • Earthquake
    • Personal accident
    • Necessary and intrinsic costs for preventing or limiting the destructive effect of an insurance event, for cleaning, tidying up the salvaged property, after an insured event has occurred


    includes the coverage of the Basic package as well as:

    • Wetting caused by accident / bursting of plumbing, sewage, heating, ventilation and steam installations;
    • Malicious acts of third parties;
    • Broken glass;
    • Burglary, theft by technical means, robbery;
    • Damage during transport upon change of address;
    • Costs for establishing the causes and repairing the damages to the installation, getting wet from water pipes, heating and steam pipeline

    Full Cover

    includes the coverage from previous packages as well as:

    • Impact of a motor vehicle
    • Short circuit and electric shock
    • Broken glass, ceramic countertops, sanitary ware, aquariums
    • Deterioration of goods in the event of a power failure of the refrigeration equipment
    • Expenses for relocation and property protection
    • Costs of renting an alternative home or hotel in case that it is impossible to live in the insured real estate after the occurrence of an event covered by the insurance conditions
    • Costs for rebuilding an entrance door or fence
    • Costs to unlock and replace external locks in the event of a stolen / lost key


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