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By disabling these cookies, our website will not be able to function properly and therefore you cannot disable this setting here. You should set your browser preferences to refuse cookies before accessing our website; although the website may then not work properly.

Why Bulgaria Insurance uses Cookies on its Site?

Cookies help us analyse and improve our Site to provide you with quality and personalized content, so:

  • our Site to function properly and safe on the device you are using;
  • to show you relevant offers through our banners when you surf the net;
  • to compile statistics on the effectiveness of the Site, through which we make it easier and more convenient to work.

What are Cookies and similar technologies?   

When a certain page from the Site is loading, it creates and sends to the visitor a cookie. The information in this cookie is being saved as a text file in the web browser/user’s deviceand may contain a unique identifierto distinguish the different browsers.

In turn "similar technologies" are different than cookies in technical way, but function similarly.

Pixels are little blocks of code integrated into the pages of the Site and the emails. They are most often used together with cookies to help in the site’s or email management, as well as to collect information about the online work.

Are Cookies safe?

Due to the nature of cookies, as text files, they can’t harm your computer or gain access to the files, stored on your device.

What types of Cookies exist?

Based on their duration, cookies are divided into 2 main types:

  • Session cookies – they are being stored temporarily, while you browse the pages of the Site, to ensure its proper functioning or to personalize the information which you see during this particular session. Session cookies are being deleted when you close the browser.
  • Persistent cookies– they are being saved on your device for a certain period of time or until manual deletion. Exactly those cookies are helping us to analyze the traffic data of our Site, to monitor it’s proper operation and to improve it. In addition, thanks to them, our offers can reach you while you browse other websites.

Based on their origin, we also distinguish 2 main types:

  • First-party cookies - these cookies are being set by the website owner.
  • Third-party cookies - these are being set by a third party – partner, with the consent of the website owner.

Based on their necessity, cookies are:

  • Necessary cookies for the functioning of the site - they are responsible for the proper functioning of the site and its capabilities, which the user wants to use. Without these cookies, the site and its services may not perform the actions desired by the user;
  • Security cookies - serve to protect the user information from unauthorized parties, protect the site from malicious attack attempts. These cookies are also mandatory for the sites which have registration forms and user profiles to ensure the security of the provided personal data;
  • Cookies,which support the development of the business - these cookies help the development of the site and the Company - its owner. They allow the analysis and evaluationof the user experience of the site, by monitoring various indicators such as traffic, visits and leaves of certain pages, conversions and more. In addition, they allow the better service and communication withthe consumers, such as involvement in appropriate marketing campaigns. These cookies can be turned off.

What type of Cookies uses bulgariainsurance.bg ?

In order to provide fully user experience and to improve our services, our Site uses the following types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies for the functioning of the site – They are created from our Site and allow you to browse its pages without any problems, to fill and submit your query, to remember your preference for your use of cookies consent. Without these cookies, the site cannot function. If you delete or block these cookies you will not be able to fully use the site.
  • Cookies which allow us to analyze and keep statistics on our Site - these cookies are used to report the traffic and various actions, which you perform on our site. Through them we record statistic data on how you use our site, the performance of our ads we analyze the data and make improvements.

For this purpose we use external services:

  • Google Analytics - Google web analytics service. Through it and its cookies, we understand how you use our site and understand the demographic characteristics and interests of the users in a generalized form. The information is being stored on servers in the United States. The information we receive is used for evaluation ofthe site status; generate traffic and activity reports,about the traffic performance on the site. You can find the Google Privacy Policy here.
  • Cookies, which allow us to show you appropriate banner ads, while you surf the web, as well as analyze the results to make you even more relevant suggestions. Here are the external services we use for this:
  • Google Adwords - this service is provided by Google and allows us to conduct remarketing campaigns for a group of users, because they have visited our Site or because they have performed a certain action on it. The platform allows us to analyze the results of the campaigns and improve our communication and offers. We do not collect personal data through Google Adwords, and the privacy policy can be found here.
  • Facebook Pixel – with this service, we can track the actions of the users of our Site who have clicked on our Facebook ad. In this way we can keep statistics on the effectiveness of our advertising communication on the social network. In addition, based on the information from it, we can create special advertising campaigns for certain audiences based on their interests. This service is owned by Facebook Inc. and they store the information from the records. The collected information on the advertising platform is anonymous to us, but Facebook may link it to your account in accordance with the rules of their privacy policy, which you can find here.

How to manage Cookies?

There are many ways to manage the cookies that are being stored, for example - through the browser;s settings or through the settings of the sites you visit. It is important to keep in mind that if you disable all cookies on your browser, you will not be able to use some features of our Site.

Through your browser -most browsers provide options for deleting and blocking the creation of cookies. At the links below you can find information and instructions in English on how to manage cookies in one of the following browsers:

  • For Internet Explorer – you can check the information at Microsoft here.
  • For Mozilla Firefox – the information can be found here.
  • For Google Chrome – on the following page here
  • For Safari - the options are explained here.
  • On you mobile device with Safari IOS – the tutorial can be found here.
  • On you mobile device with Android Chrome – the information is available here.

Through bulgariainsurance.bg:

You may express your consent to the use of cookies related to the analysis of the site and its marketing, in the form above or on the message which appears when you open a page of our Site.

It is important to keep in mind that by denying the use of certain cookies you will limit their future creation, but will not remove the current and already created ones. In addition, to keep this preference of yours, we will record it in a cookie.

Are there Cookies on the links that lead to other sites?

We use links to external pages so that you can, for example, watch the videos on our site (they are links from YouTube.), visit our official pages on the social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, or to receive additional information on various topics. We do not have access to the cookies that may be generated from these sites and the information they record.

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