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About the product

Health Care Plus is a private health insurance that enables you to be independent of the public health system and get easy and reliable access to professional and first-rate healthcare that meets your needs. Health Care Plus makes quality care more accessible, easier to use and offers a health coverage you can count on at a reasonable price. You receive convenient and personalized health care support If you have been referred to hospital or need an outpatient treatment, as well as reimbursement of the prescribed drugs and medicines. The insurance is designed for individuals & families, as well as SMEs or NPOs employees and freelancers.

Your Coverage and Benefits

  • In-patient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Reimbursement of expenses for prescribed drugs and medicines
  • Psychological counselling© - confidential psychological telephone counselling when you need it
  • Hello, Doc© - our support line available via phone or email with company's medical experts to answer any questions concerning your health issues


  • Treatment provided in a timely manner
  • Comprehensive cover, a near-perfect answer to all your medical needs
  • Access to leading healthcare facilities with highly specialized medical equipment and medical professionals for diagnosis and treatment across the country   
  • «Digital health card» in your smartphone - wherever you are and you don`t need a plastic anymore
  • You’re covered up for a medical examination should a pre-existing condition flare up or for a preventative examination of a chronic condition
  • Direct payment settlement in the medical facilities, part of Bulgaria Insurance’s network
  • Providing you peace of mind and comfort for solving any health problem
  • Option to add family members to your policy – spouse or partner, children or parents
  • Insurance coverage consistent with your specific demands and needs
  • Simplified and clear claims handling process 

For your convenience

  • Personal health card to access the medical facilities, part of Bulgaria Insurance’s network throughout the country
  • Providing healthcare services without waiting periods and deductibles, on a subscription basis or reimbursement of expenses
  • Direct and speedy access for scheduling hospitalization or examination appointment
  • Assistance and coordination through our Customer Service Center at +359 (0) 700 13 555
  • Quick introduction guide about the ways of getting the most out of your health insurance, information about the selected benefits&limits as well as the required documents for reimbursement of expenses.

Get a free online quote through the inquiry form bellow or to better understand if the health insurance plan is right for your needs, contact us at health@bulgariainsurance.bg for a free consultation to help answer your questions.

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