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About the product

Health Protect + is a private health insurance that enables you to plan and take care of your health and bring yourself some peace of mind facing unexpected events and health issues caused by a coronavirus infection, including COVID-19. If you have one or more of the common symptoms of coronavirus infection (Covid-19), with Health Protect+ you can have direct and speedy access for medical examinations and laboratory tests.  

Your Coverage and Benefits

  • Out-patient treatment
    • Medical examination and laboratory testing to detect or rule out coronavirus infection
    • Medical examination and laboratory testing conducted after At-Home Coronavirus Treatment for rejection or confirmation of the initial diagnosis (coronavirus carrier)
    • Medical examination and laboratory testing for coronavirus prior to starting a new job, if required by the Employer
    • Medical examination and laboratory testing for coronavirus, if required before a hospitalization
  • In-patient treatment, including sanatorium treatment after an initial course of hospital treatment of coronavirus infection
  • Reimbursement of expenses of prescribed drugs and medicines for At-Home Coronavirus Treatment
  • Daily cash benefit after the 7th day of the hospital treatment due to coronavirus infection
  • Online telemedical consultations with doctors and specialists
  • Psychological counselling© - confidential psychological telephone counselling when you need it
  • Hello, Doc© - our support line available via phone or email with company's medical experts to answer any questions concerning your health issues


  • Reducing your health care costs and saving time
  • Providing you peace of mind and comfort for solving any health problem related to coronavirus infection, including COVID – 19
  • Daily cash benefit to meet your medical expenses during your stay in a hospital
  • Affordable coverage at a reasonable price   
  • Quick and easy concluding proces
  • «Digital health card» in your smartphone - wherever you are and you don`t need a plastic anymore
  • Option to add family members to your policy – spouse or partner, children, or parents
  • Simplified and clear claims handling process

For your convenience

  • Assistance and coordination through our Customer Service Center at +359 (0) 700 13 555
  • Quick introduction guide about the ways of getting the most out of your health insurance, information about the selected benefits&limits as well as the required documents for reimbursement of expenses.      

Get a free online quote through the inquiry form bellow or to better understand if the health insurance plan is right for your needs, contact us at health@bulgariainsurance.bg for a free consultation to help answer your questions.

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