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Health comes first

date 24 November, 2021

Health comes first

dateNovember 30, -0001

When it comes to finances, the car, the house and our personal belongings, we engage in thorough research. We read, compare, ask where to invest our money, what car or property to buy, where to shop. We strive to get the best that is available on the market.

At the same time, few of us take such a strict selective approach when it comes to health. This is especially true when it comes to supplemental health insurance.

Many people have come out of the doctor's office pale with a diagnosis they did not expect. From then on, days and weeks follow in which they make decisions about their health. And these decisions that we urgently need to make are very important.

Despite the fact that the health care system in Bulgaria is already at a good level, and the quality of medical care has changed, the general opinion is that they are still not what we would like them to be. The very fact that in a serious situation opportunities are being sought for treatment abroad and for obtaining a "second opinion" from an independent international specialist, as well as a "double check" of the diagnosis, speak of the still existing mistrust in people.

For more than six years, the offered international health plans Health without Borders by Bulgaria Insurance have provided people working and living in Bulgaria with opportunities for high-quality medical services in a wide range of medical institutions around the world. When a more serious disease is diagnosed in our country, and we are not sure of the diagnosis we receive, we are afraid of a possible mistake or possible side effects of the prescribed treatment, we feel the need to seek another opinion. Sometimes these doubts turn out to be unfounded, sometimes they are not. In case of doubt, the service for a second medical opinion is already offered in Bulgaria Insurance with concluded international health without borders insurance.

Based on the medical findings that are already available, our clients can seek the opinion of a renowned medical expert with a high level of professional experience, both in terms of diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Of course, the second medical opinion is not about questioning the opinion of your doctor. In fact - the opposite! Most doctors agree that the second medical opinion has added value and demonstrates good medical practice. Timely and correct diagnosis, rapid response and adequate treatment are the three key factors on which the successful outcome of any disease depends to the greatest extent.

International studies show that obtaining a "second medical opinion" from an independent expert often leads to a change in diagnosis (about 20% of cases) or to a change in treatment regimen (up to 60% of cases).

Here is an example from practice: Our client has been struggling with nasal congestion for several years. His recent tests confirmed a curvature of the nasal septum, and he was advised to have nasal surgery (septoplasty). The client turned to us for a second expert opinion on the recommendation for surgery. Through Advance Medical, the company that assists in providing the service, medical records and tests were sent for consultation by a professor of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery in the United States. Although he agreed with the diagnosis, the professor explained the diagnosis to the client in detail and advised him to first try non-surgical treatment with steroid nasal spray for at least a month. If this does not help, then surgery should only be considered if the symptoms are severe and intrusive. The client was very pleased that he had potentially prevented major surgery and decided to try nasal spray first and then decide whether to operate.

If you have already been diagnosed with a medical condition, whether as a result of an accident or an illness, our Second Medical Opinion service is available completely free of charge as part of your international health plan .

All you need to do is contact us at claims.health@bulgariainsurance.bg to start the second medical evaluation procedure. 

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