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When you want to make a claim you can download the Claim form from here or please write us an email at: claims.health@bulgariainsurance.bg and we will send it to you. You must make sure it is filled in, signed by yourself, the medical practitioner or specialist treating you and sent back to us as quickly as possible, giving us all the information, we request and accompanied by detailed invoices and proof of payment. This will ensure that your claim will be processed promptly.

Please note that we will only consider claims made within 90 days of treatment being received at our office: Bulgaria, 1618 Sofia, 110-В Bulgaria Blvd., Bulgaria Insurance AD.

A simplified procedure for filing claims without presentation of original financial documents is launched for your convenience as follows:

  • Claims of up to BGN 500 will be processed without presentation of original financial documents, therefore the Insurer reserves the right to request the original financial documents for review during the claim assessment process.
  • In order to take advantage of the simplified procedure, it is necessary to fill in, sign and send a DECLARATION to Claim for reimbursement of expenses up to 500 (five hundred) BGN in addition to the Claim form and the other documents attached. 

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