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Casco Interior is a voluntary insurance that provides car leasing customers with an additional specific coverage if an unforeseen event damages the vehicle's interior: due to loading/unloading activities, damage to the upholstery and seats, etc. The insurance is intended for customers of motor vehicles with Bulgarian registration - cars, vans up to 15 + 1 seats and trucks up to gross weight of 3.5 tons, that are subject of operating lease. The insurance coverage is valid for the territory of R Bulgaria, the European Union and the member states of the International Green Card Agreement in Europe, including Turkey.

Your coverage/benefits

  • Damages caused by loading and unloading activities of objects associated with the lessee’s activities.
  • Stainsin the interior, which are not a result of the usual use of vehicles.
  • Damages to the upholstery and seats, as well as external damages to the steering wheel trim, gear lever.
  • Damages caused by spillage of fouling liquids.
  • Expenses for cleaning of the whole interior cabin.
  • Damages to the caps of theloudspeakers.


  • Additional protection of the interior of the leased vehichle and a peace of mind   
  • Additional security to cover unforseenexpenses relating to interior damages
  • Complex care and personal attitude in case of a problem or accident
  • The insurance may be concluded after the expiration of the first year from the registration of the vehicle or from the conclusion of the Operating Leasing Agreement.
  • Possibility to choose how the compensation to be paid for damages in case of an event
  • 24/7 assistance and coordination through the Customer Service Center at +359 700 13 555

Term of insurance

The term of each insurance contract is specified in the insurance policy and coincides with the term of the operating lease contract, as the insurance premium is paid once upon concluding the insurance.

The insurance is concluded on the basis of a completed Questionnaire Proposal by the applicant or his representative, a vehicle registration certificate and a copy of the Operating Leasing Agreement. In case the insurance starts after the first year from the registration / conclusion of a Operating Leasing Agreement, a mandatory inspection of the vehicle by a representative of the Insurer is required.

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