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Virtual consultations available for our customers, infected with COVID-19

date 26 November, 2020

The main priority of Bulgaria Insurance team, especially in the current situation, is to find and implement solutions and services that will continue to guarantee the timely and more convenient service of our clients, mainly for those who are increasingly seeking remote physician consultations. Given the complications due to the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency and the new regulations, coming into force as from November 27th, Bulgaria Insurance launches another service benefiting its customers - online virtual consultations with medical specialists for those infected with COVID-19.

The new service can be used by our customers under Bulgaria Zdrave Health Insurance, who have purchased additional TeleDoc© coverage, as well as by those who have purchased Health Care Premium, Health Care Platinum and Health Protect + (luxury option).

Bulgaria Insurance’ customers, infected with COVID-19, that have mild or no symptoms may use our TeleDoc© service to contact with a qualified specialist for an online consultation through our partners Healee telehealth app. This kind of consultation can have important advantages so that the relevant specialist, based on the described symptoms and medical condition, can prescribe the right treatment to fight off the infection. Of course, the virtual consultation cannot replace the emergency room in case of deterioration, given that some interventions are not possible in a virtual environment and the needed treatment can’t be done from a distance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the way how our customers are seeking fast and adequate healthcare. By using the telemedicine solutions, many people will have equal access to quality healthcare, no matter where they are. Due to the current situation Bulgaria Insurance strives to adequately respond to customers’ needs by implementing online consultations and diagnostics for health monitoring and treatment in its health insurance coverages.

Bulgaria Insurance

Important Information For Customers Who Have TeleDoc© In Their Health Insurance Coverage - Online Doctor’s Consultations

After registering in Healee telehealth app, in order to activate your rights, you only have to enter your personal insurance number, written on your health card under Bulgaria Zdrave Health insurance (if you have Online doctor's consultations coverage included), Health Care Platinum, Health Care Premium and Health Protect +.

To find doctors who provide COVID-19 consultations, select "Ask a doctor" -> "Covid-19 consultation".

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