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New product in Bulgaria Insurance portfolio: Health Health Protect +

date 26 August, 2020

Bulgaria Insurance


The safety, health and well-being of customers is key priority for Bulgaria Insurance. Considering the specific circumstances related to the COVID-19 crisis, the company has developed and launched a wide range of insurance solutions and services, reflecting this unprecedented new reality.

Health Protect + is one of the new products in the company's portfolio, that enables customers to plan and take care of their health and bring some peace of mind facing unexpected events and health issues caused by a coronavirus infection, including COVID-19.

Health Protect + provides:

  • Easy access to a health specialist and laboratory testing to detect or rule out coronavirus infectionfor symptoms
  • Financial security in case of expenses incurred for medical examination and laboratory testing for coronavirus, if required before a hospitalization
  • Daily hospital cash benefit
  • Reimbursement of expenses of prescribed drugs and medicines for At-Home Coronavirus Treatment
  • Online telemedical consultations with doctors and specialists.

To cope with the increased levels of stress and anxiety caused by possible coronavirus infection health issues, the insurance provides also an opportunity for confidential psychological telephone counseling by experienced professionals to support effectively the person's treatment process.

The insurance is developed both for individuals and families, as well as SMEs employees, non-profit organizations and freelancers. The product offers a choice of three options: basic, extended and luxury, according to the selected limit and benefits, and can be purchased for any period from one month up to one year.

Health Protect + provides peace of mind and security for solving a health problem, through timely medical care and accurately diagnosis due to health issues associated with the coronavirus.

"As a socially responsible company and one of the market leaders in providing health benefits, we at Bulgaria Insurance believe that in times of imminent threat to health and life, our mission is to benefit our customers by providing adequate insurance protection with high added value and expert assistance ", says an open comment from the Bulgaria Insurance Management. 

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