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Up to date during a pandemic: How has the health insurance situation changed?

date 7 March, 2021

Bloomberg TV Bulgaria focuses on innovation and development in the healthcare sector in its first edition of Health Tech from the special project Tech21

The first edition of the special project Tech21 on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria was dedicated to Health Tech and the healthcare sector. Leading representatives of the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and insurance took part in the TV show, commenting on the trends outlined by the pandemic and how the health crisis has changed the health sector.

Health insurance is a special ticket that we buy to ensure timely and quality treatment in case of need for medical care. After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, it turned out that in such a situation, health insurance is particularly useful. The new reality has imposed an urgent need to develop new products and update the coatings on existing ones, the implementation of various digital solutions and services through which to adapt the way of working and interacting with customers.

Bulgaria Insurance, as one of the market leaders in health insurance sector, during the last year has developed and offered many new personalized health solutions for individual clients. This was shared by Tsvetelina Mihailova, Procurator of Bulgaria Insurance AD, in the show hosted by Jivka Popatanasova. Some of the new offers are health plans from the Health Care series: Smart, Platinum (for people who have lost their income or those with terminated health rights), Plus, Premium, Protect + (especially against coronavirus), she explained.

"What is different about our insurances is that you may concluded your insurance today and start to use your covers tomorro w with no waiting periods. Some of the new products include services such as telemedicine - online consultations with doctors and specialists or online counseling with personal psychologist," said Tsvetelina Mihaylova.

You can watch the whole interview here

Tech21 partners are Astelas Pharma, Amgen Bulgaria, Dentopream Medical Dental Center, Bulgaria Insurance and Helthico.   

Bulgaria Insurance

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Up to date during a pandemic: How has the health insurance situation changed?

7 March, 2021
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