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6 reasons to take advantage of Bulgaria Insurance & Healee new service for online consultations with a doctor

date 15 March, 2021

The concept of telemedicine has emerged recently as an element of the global digital transformation in all areas of life where it is appropriate. Telemedicine is based on a remote connection between a doctor and a patient in an Internet environment. There is an indisputable advantage of this type of communication in consultations, when no physical contact is required, when psychological help is needed or when analyzing test results.

During the last year, in asituation of a global COVID-19 pandemic, the application of telemedicine has marked a huge growth and demand. In many cases, it is one of the few ways in which doctors can take care of their patients.

Now, Bulgaria Insurance and the largest Bulgarian online consulting platform - Healee , offer the new service TeleDoc © . It can be benefited by the health insuredclients of the company.

The service gives access to more than 1700 of the best doctors in Bulgaria from over 50 different specialties , practicing in more than 40 of the largest hospitals and clinics in Bulgaria. They are all part of the Healee platform. The latter recorded an increase of over 1000% in 2020 in online doctor consultations, trusted by over 50,000 patients across the country.

With the new service, launched through the partnership of Bulgaria Insurance and Healee , you may use an online consultation service with your doctor or another specialist. This is done through messaging, video and audio conversations. You can send laboratory results, images, get a prescription through the application and, if possible, order the prescribed drugs with home delivery. Here are 6 reasons to use TeleDoc © for online consultations with doctors:

1. Access to qualified health care online   

With Healee you can consult a doctor from your mobile device or laptop - thus getting a quality remote consultation with a specialist from the comfort of your home or office. During the pandemic in our country, many doctors who were in contact with or became ill with COVID-19, but with mild symptoms, continued to take care for their patients safely online, even though they were in quarantine.

2. Health care for the whole family
Telemedicine is also extremely suitable for consulting a doctor of elderly people (who are among the most endangered in the current situation) or children (with whom it is more difficult to observe distance measures).

3. Avoid crowds of patients in front of medical offices
By using telemedicine, you are not only protecting yourself. You protect both the doctors and the other patients. In November 2020, at a time when the healthcare system had been infront of the the biggest challenges, more than 120 doctors from the Healee platform joined forces in an initiative aimed at preventing the accumulation of patients in front of doctors' offices and emergency departments - online patient consultations with a positive PCR test, no symptoms or mild symptoms . The initiative has been going on for several months now: https://www.healee.com/en/COVID

4. Safe consultation for chronic diseases or secondary examination
Patients with chronic diseases follow a strict program: for example, they should be examined by their doctor once a month, twice a season, or three times a year, follow a specific regimen, undergo a number of tests, etc. Telemedicine improves the ability of physicians to monitor and control their patients, while also making it easier for patients to communicate with their physicians. Imagine how easy it would be for the patient to send the necessary information from his electronic medical record, together with a short message to the doctor.

5. Easy access to a second medical opinion from a specialist
Healee is the preferred way and opportunity for easy access to a reputable doctor in all cases where a patient needs a second medical opinion from a specialist. This is thanks to the technological capabilities of the platform for fast and secure sending of medical files, images and information; sharing status information; monitoring of the main vital signs and information about the patient's condition and symptoms.

6. Access to specialists from other cities
While certain regions are relatively saturated with specific medical specialists, there is a serious shortage elsewhere. Telemedicine services help resolve such cases by providing much-needed access to special care, even if the specialist is hundreds of miles away.

Bulgaria Insurance’clients can use the services and technological solutions in Healee free of charge . The platform is extremely easy to use and with guaranteed secure technology that stores medical information only between the patient and the treating specialist.

Take care of your health and that of your loved ones when and where you need it!

Here's how to take advantage of our new service in 4 easy steps:

  • Register in Healee: https://www.healee.com/bg/patients/get-healee
  • In your profile, in the Voucher section, enter the number of your health card issued by Bulgaria Insurance.
  • Find the doctor you need - searchby name or choose a doctor by specialty
  • Start your free online consultation

If you have additional questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact Bulgaria Insurance’ experts at health@bulgariainsurance.bg

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