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Natural disasters and their impact on your car

date 18 May, 2021

We've come to associate the spring with blossoming and warming weather. The series of calm and sunny days has its own parallel line. But … spring is also the season of thunderstorms. Dark clouds hover over nature, which seems to subside in anticipation of the ominous whips and rumble. Then, at the beginning of big drops and somehow quietly, the heavy rain begins …

Undoubtedly, the words "storm" and "lightning" evoke an association in which the third element usually is a "tree". Often, when we are outside, in our effort to feel secure and protected, we take actions that may have the opposite effect.

Our experts give some tips on how to avoid the risks that arise from driving or parking the car under a tree during a thunderstorm.

In a thunderstorm, one of the safest places is considered to be the car. The metal structure of the vehicle acts as a Faraday cage and protects us. However, this does not mean that a car struck by lightning will remain unharmed. Lightning can damage electronic systems, which in turn may cause a crash. Tires are a good insulator. However, superficial or deeper damage from the heat is possible.

If you are on the road and you are caught in a storm, our experts recommend:

  • Stop or at least reduce the speed to a minimum.
  • Retract the antenna, even at the risk of getting wet.
  • Do not leave the closed vehicle until the storm has passed.

Another common misconception is that parking under a tree will protect the car's surface from rain and thunderstorms. In fact, it can cost the loss of our favorite car.

As we all know, parking in big cities is a problem. In many places, parking is mostly unorganized. We usually notice that cars are carelessly parked right in front of the "No Parking!" Sign or in some deserted lawn under a tree to keep them in the shade. In many cases, this problem becomes huge, especially during heavy rains, accompanied by thunders and lightnings.

Let's take a look at some of the risks of parking your car under trees during heavy rainfall and thunderstorms:

  • Lightning is attracted to the highest tip of a wire. These are usually the trees that become an attractive target for lightning. If the tip is struck by lightning, it might descendon the tree and your car is likely to beburned.
  • If the tree has root problems, storms with heavy rain and strong winds can uproot it and cause it to fall on parked cars and severely damage it.

Therefore, our experts strongly recommend that you do not park your car under trees during thunderstorms.

The hours after a strong storm are the most dangerous. There are fallen trees everywhere, broken power lines, floods, debris, broken glass and sharp objects, the traffic lights do not work. It is easy to get to road accidents, which can also cause damage to our car.

There's no denying that cars are one of the most prized possessions in our families. Hence, when natural disasters like floods, storms, and others occur, it becomes imperative to ensure that our cars and other belongings are safe. Hence, it is advisable to take steps beforehand to ensure your car is insured so you won't have to pay for the damages out of your pocket. If you have insured your car with Casco Gold policy by Bulgaria Insurance, then it becomes easier for you to repair it and take care of other damages caused. Be wise and save expensive costs and inconveniences resulting from unforeseen accidents with your car.

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